Justice Works 2017 has ended

chrys ballerano

Sr. Project Director of Collaborative Services & Training
Albany, NY
Long-term activist since freshman year in '79 -committed to racial justice eco feminist paradigm shift away from capitalist patriarchy and toward inclusive -Earth-spirited sustainable practices that value all human's rights to self determination as well as honor all living species. The unifying threat of global warming and the disproportionate harm it brings to the Global South and marginalized communities in the West urges us to move mindfully and swiftly to build solidarity in action across our divisions to co-create solutions we know are possible; when we shift our focus to values of human compassion and mutual protection and disrupt violent competition and scarcity-based fear, we show another world is truly possible, here and now. For 20 years I've worked in the Anti-Rape movement and seen the rape of our planet as part of our the misogynist patriarchal capitalism that is destroying human life on this planet and has historically permitted the most unjust and brutal wealth disparities in our history. We must transform it now with new tools of our own creation, not the tools of the mainstream system!